Pre-Competition Interview for Dubai Muscle Beach with Chan Rivera

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Our Muscle Core Athlete, Chan Rivera will be competing again at the UMFF Dubai Muscle Beach. With only 4 days left before the much-awaited fitness event, let's catch up on his preparations. Is he ready for the stage again? Let’s find out on our one-on-one interview!

Chan Rivera

Are you ready for the stage? How is your preparation for the Dubai Muscle Beach going?

Of course, yes! I am ready and very excited. My preparation now is 100% better than before, I became bigger and ripper than my previous condition last year.

What is your diet like at the moment?

1st meal - In the morning, I need to eat foods rich in carbohydrates such as white oats with Muscle Core Nutrition ISO-Whey, almonds & milk.

2nd meal - Grilled chicken breast and egg whites.

3rd meal - Either rib eye steak or grilled chicken breast with broccoli and zucchini.

4th meal - My snack time includes sweet potato and fried egg whites.

5th meal - During dinner, I eat grilled white fish or chicken breast with boiled egg whites and asparagus. Sometimes, dinner is not the last meal I eat.

6th meal - before bedtime, I have white oats with Muscle Core Nutrition ISO-Whey.

I have a daily macro now which I am focusing more on protein diet.

What keeps you busy aside from contest preparation?

Aside from my preparation, I am also busy with my workload in the office and connecting with my social media followers via messages especially those who need pieces of advice on their training and diets.

Do you have other competitions coming up?

Hopefully, I’ll be competing at the Dubai Muscle Show in December. I’m lucky to have my Muscle Core Nutrition family who always at my back to support me with my supplements and upcoming competitions. 

What are your long-term fitness goals?

My long-term fitness goals are to unlock more fitness achievements while I still have the time and strength to do it. Plus, to motivate others to live fit and healthy.

Muscle Core Nutrition Athlete

Please invite everyone to attend the Dubai Muscle Beach 2018.

I would like to invite everyone to witness one of the biggest fitness events every year in Dubai. To all my kabayans out there, let’s prove that we are not only here in Dubai to work but also, to do something that could make ourselves and nation proud. You can buy your tickets on the UMFF official website or at the venue.

Chan's Achievements:

• 3rd IFFB Medallist, UMFF Beach Body Competition - May 2017

• 2nd EBBF Medallist, Fitness Expo Dubai, Physique Division 174 cm - Nov 2017

Want to see more fitness updates from Chan Rivera? Follow him on his Instagram - @chan.rivera

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