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You may have seen Chan’s photo and videos on our social media for the past 3 months. It’s about time to know him more and how he landed in the world of bodybuilding.

Let’s find out what keeps him busy these days after competing at UMFF Beach Body Competition and Fitness Expo Dubai last year.

Chan Rivera - Muscle Core Athlete

Who is “Chan Rivera” before you started your fitness journey?

Chan Rivera was a guy who does not have any self-confidence, at all. My friends used to call me “butaw” means a skinny guy who has a big tummy. I love playing online games, drinking and hanging out with friends, eating junk foods and other unhealthy habits. But everything changed when I started doing workouts and proper diets.

What made you decide to become a bodybuilder?

In 2017, I decided to become a bodybuilder because my friends told me that I have the potential. At first, I was hesitant, but I eventually convinced myself to try. So I started changing my lifestyle and became closer towards building my body for a better me. It’s not about the medal but it’s all about proving to yourself that you could be better than you were yesterday.

How long have you been in the bodybuilding industry?

I started hitting the gym in 2012 but failed to achieve my fitness goals. Finally, I started taking it more seriously in 2017 and tried my luck in competing as a professional bodybuilder. With all the undying dedication and sacrifices, I won two bodybuilding competitions in the same year. All the hard work has paid off!

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Chan’s Achievements:

• 3rd IFFB Medallist, UMFF Beach Body Competition - May 2017

• 2nd EBBF Medallist, Fitness Expo Dubai, Physique Division 174 cm - Nov 2017

How would you describe your philosophy in health and fitness?

My philosophy is simple, never ever give up.

Are you currently training for an upcoming competition? How do you balance your time between your training and your personal life?

I’m preparing for the upcoming big fitness events in Dubai such as Dubai Muscle Show, Muscle Beach, and Dubai Fitness Expo, if possible.

Managing my time between training and personal life is quite challenging. I’m working for 10 hours in the office, need to take the metro for 2 hours. Work life is really tough and tiring and by the time I reach home, I'm already exhausted. But I still make sure to do my workouts for 2 hours. Luckily, my sister and girlfriend help me to prepare my prep foods – 6 meals. They prepare the 4 meals and I do the remaining 2 meals. I want to thank Muscle Core Nutrition team for providing me with the supplements and their full support for my upcoming competitions.

The hardest part is achieving an 8-hour sleep, every day is a long day for me and I need to rest my exhausted mind and body but most of the time I only sleep for 5 – 7 hours.

What are your specialties in terms of fitness and bodybuilding?

My specialties are my strength and physique. Not every strong man has a good physique and not all men with a nice physique are strong.

What foods do you suggest for the following meals:

Breakfast - Food with complex carbs such as white oats, sweet potato, white or brown rice with grilled chicken or beef. Then one or two scoops of Muscle Core Nutrition’s ISO-Whey with one scoop of Muscle Core Nutrition’s Glutamine.

Pre-workout - I usually eat protein bread but if you had a heavy meal make sure you have at least 3 hours of rest before a workout. And don’t forget to drink Muscle Core Nutrition’s N.O. Pre-Core 15 – 20 mins before hitting the gym.

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Post-workout - Eat banana to avoid cramps, boiled eggs and 1 scoop of Muscle Core Nutrition’s Glutamine which really helps in muscle recovery after an intense workout.

Dinner – I usually eat 50 g of brown rice, 200 g of grilled chicken/beef/salmon with asparagus or broccoli, 3 egg whites and spices. And last but not the least, 1 scoop of Muscle Core Nutrition’s ISO-Whey protein shake before bedtime.

Snacks - I usually eat nuts or protein bars.

What would be your advice for individuals looking to live a healthier lifestyle? What should be the first step?

First is to start believing in yourself. Second, start with discipline and hard work. And finally put more dedication, stop making excuses, and push your limits.

Want to see more fitness updates from Chan Rivera? Follow him on his Instagram - @chan.rivera

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